Color Guard


  • John Clines (Tanasi Brigade Commander) (TN SAR Commander)
  • John Clines Jr.
  • Doug Carpenter
  • Bob George
  • Claude Hardison
  • Randall Higgins
  • Jerry Hjellum
  • Hunter McLain
  • Tommy McLain
  • Jim McKinney
  • Phil Newman
  • Shawn Pritchett
  • James Stone
  • Dave Whaley
  • Joe White
  • Dusty Clines


Participation in color guard ceremonies is not only fun, but it’s a great way to honor our ancestors, founders and veterans, who have sacrificed so much to make and keep this country free.

It’s also great public relations! The flashy continental, militia and colorful period civilian dress really grabs the public’s attention and the firing of the flintlocks is always a big hit. All this serves to promote the Sons of the American Revolution and our chapter.

We need flag bearers and compatriots with flintlocks and just people to show up and be seen. We need to let the public know that we’re here and are doing something in the community. If you don’t want to drive long distances, we are trying to have more events closer to home. Come and be a part of the Color Guard!

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