Color Guard


  • John Clines (Tanasi Brigade Commander) (TN SAR Commander)
  • John Clines Jr.
  • Scott Elam
  • Bob George
  • Claude Hardison
  • Randall Higgins
  • Jerry Hjellum
  • Tommy McLain
  • Jim McKinney
  • Phil Newman
  • James Peters
  • Shawn Pritchett
  • James Stone
  • Dave Whaley
  • Joe White
  • Dusty Clines


Participation in color guard ceremonies is not only fun, but it’s a great way to honor our ancestors, founders and veterans, who have sacrificed so much to make and keep this country free.

It’s also great public relations! The flashy continental, militia and colorful period civilian dress really grabs the public’s attention and the firing of the flintlocks is always a big hit. All this serves to promote the Sons of the American Revolution and our chapter.

We need flag bearers and compatriots with flintlocks and just people to show up and be seen. We need to let the public know that we’re here and are doing something in the community. If you don’t want to drive long distances, we are trying to have more events closer to home. Come and be a part of the Color Guard!

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National Color Guard Events – 2018

1/13-15/2017 Battle of Cowpens Chesnee, SC
1/28/17 Battle of Cowans Ford Huntersville,NC
2/11/17 Battle of Kettle Creek Washington, GA
2/18/17 Crossing of the Dan South Boston, VA
2/19/17 California Massing of Colors Burbank, CA
2/21/17 Washington Birthday Parade Laredo, TX
2/27/17 Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge Currie, NC
3/2-4/2017 NSSAR Spring Leadership Mtg Louisville, KY
3/11/20167 Last Naval Battle of the Revolution Merritt Island, FL
3/18/17 Battle at Guilford Courthouse Greensboro, NC
4/12/17 Halifax Resolves Halifax, NC
4/18/17 Patriot’s Day Concord, MA
5/4/17 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade Louisville, KY
5/6/17 Battle of Pensacola Pensacola, FL
5/13/17 Raid at Martin’s Station Ewing, VA
5/20/17 Fields of Honor / Healing Field Various dates and locations
5/21/17 Battle of Fort San Carlos St Louis, MO
5/27/17 Buford’s Massacre Lancaster, SC  
5/27-28, 2017 Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous Vincennes, IN
5/29/17 National Memorial Day Parade Washington DC
5/29/17 Memorial Day Events * Various locations See below
6/10/17 Action at Machias Machias, ME
6/17/17 Battle of Ramseur’s Mill Lincolnton, NC
every July 4 Let Freedom Ring Various locations Check local venues
JUL 2017   NB July 4th Events * Various locations See below
July 8-13, 2017 NSSAR National Congress Boston, MA
7/22/17 Battle of Fort Laurens Bolivar, OH
8/19/17 Battle of Blue Licks Carlisle, KY  
9/3/17 Battle of Groton Heights Groton, CT
9-23-2017 Vigil at George Washington’s Tomb Mt Vernon, VA
9/16/2017 Battle of Saratoga Stillwater, NY
9/16/2017 Gathering at Sycamore Shoals Elizabethton, TN
9/28-30/2017 NSSAR Fall Leadership Mtg Louisville, KY
10/6-8/2017 Point Pleasant Battle Days Point Pleasant, WV
10/7/2017 Battle of Saratoga (British – tentative) Stillwater, NY  
10/7/2017 Battle of Kings Mountain Blacksburg, SC
10/19/2017 Yorktown Days Yorktown, VA
11/11/2017 Veterans Day Events * Various location Check local venues
12/2/2017 Battle of Great Bridge Norfolk, VA
12/18/17 Wreaths Across America Various location


* SAR color guardsmen who participate in a local event on the actual day or the weekend closest to July 4th, Memorial Day or Veterans Day can count that event toward the Silver Color Guard Medal and the Von Steuben Medal for Sustained Color Guard Service. This is limited to a single event. Multiple events on these days cannot be counted multiple times.

N.B.: Dates and times are subject to change and interested parties should refer to the respective state society websites closer to the actual event.